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Cameo Hoyle
  Reiki Master-Teacher
Licensed Massage Therapist
Founder, Good Karma Mind & Body

From early on, Cameo has been attuned to universal energies. Through Cartomancy (guidance through card reading), clairsentience, and intuitive guidance she began to understand the ancient concepts of our universal life force. In 2003, she received her Reiki training in Adama StarFire Reiki™, a resurgence of an old system of energy that helps to recreate the soulís original DNA genetic coding. Since, Cameo has been a Reiki Master -Teacher for 13 years, sharing her knowledge of Reiki healing, Intuitive healing and healing earth practices with hundreds of clients. She has studied healing on many levels including massage therapy, Angel Card therapy, crystal energy, chakra yoga, herbal healing, and healing with teas. Cameo is a Licensed Massage Therapist, in practice for 16 years; she owns Good Karma Tea Co., and in 2015 founded Good Karma Mind & Body in Lynchburg.