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Karen W.
Costa Mesa, CA

May 5, 2016

I was visiting family in the area, and was very pleased to find Mindful Mountain Yoga on Yelp.  It was great to be able to practice yoga, while visiting this beautiful area.  It is fairly easy to take a class while visiting, it's $12 to drop in for a class.  The studio is light, has hardwood floors and a beautiful view.  There are mats for visitors to use for their practice.  The teacher was very knowledgeable, and led the class through poses that combined strength building, flexibility and balance.  People in the class are very friendly and welcoming.  This is a great class for Amherst residents and a great opportunity for visitors to the area to practice yoga.

Facebook comments:

Amy Monahan  March 15 Amherst, VA

All stretched out...great evening!!! at Mindful Mountain Yoga.


Jean Jimick-Turner  March 17 Amherst, VA

Love this place! Therapy for my mind, body & soul. Thanks John at Mindful Mountain Yoga. 

Nancy Golden Gripp
December 27, 2015

I did yoga (off and on) for 10 years in the 90's under a teacher in Nelson Co. I am now a "begin-again-er". I thought I would never find a local teacher as good. However, John is even better and we are fortunate to have him right here in Amherst! Please start your New Year off right and give yoga and John a try.  


Date:  Feb 15, 2015


... I look forward to each class with great anticipation. I think I actually felt a hamstring yesterday. I carried my 50-lb. feedbag to the barn a couple of days ago (about 500 ft., un-level) with a lot less strain than usual. This is good. Strength-balance-flexibility-openness--a journey! And still I smirk, because I've got a LONG way to go, and I am impatient. Can yoga teach me patience? Thanks. So very much.



Date: Feb 12, 2015

Dear John,

... Your classes are a peaceful interruption to my crazy life.



Date: Dec 21, 2014


... After Friday, I was reflecting again on why I like class so much. I love that you provide an atmosphere in which none of us takes ourselves too seriously. That we laugh at our flops and applaud our successes. I like it so much that you dissect the asanas and coach us through each part of them, not just exhibit them. There are so many subtlties that can be easily missed when you just watch and the asana is not fully explained. I like that you talk about what the specific asana works on in your body, what it's intended to do. And I like that you keep reminding us about breath, when to go deeper, how to exhale. That's so hard to remember when I'm focused on arranging my body. And I like that you are naming the asanas -- it's so much easier to repeat at home when I have a name for it, or if I can't remember it, I can look it up.  Thank you,



Date: Dec 17, 2014


As I turn 65 on Friday, I am filled with joy - vertical and ventilating, that's a plus. :>) But more than that comes a peace that I am using my body to remain flexible, building strength both in body and mind, connecting with all I have learned in this long life. I have miles to go but I am enjoying the journey. Namaste,


Date: September, 2017
- I want let you know how I'm doing today, and all I can say is Wow!  I woke up able to turn my head from side to side, and what's even more amazing, I still can, even this late in the day.  My back feels much better -- looser -- and the pain between my shoulder blades is gone.
I tried doing the neck stretches we did yesterday, as well as I could remember them, but it wasn't the same.  I now understand what you were saying about the difference being the mindfulness in the class.  Hopefully I can bring some of that home with me to practice.
Can't wait for next Tuesday.  So glad you're offering this gentle chair yoga class.
Thanks,  Judy